The Peak Velocity summer program is designed to mirror a professional in-season training program.  Workouts will be held in the mornings/early afternoon, so that the body can fully recover for afternoon games.  Both hitting and pitching classes will be offered, along with a vigorous speed, agility and strength workouts.  Players will also be filmed by Bio-Kinetics for a 2D video motion analysis at no additional charge.

Starting June 8th, Peak will be offered to players ages 12 – 18 and will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays for 8 weeks. The fee will be $750.00 and includes baseball instruction from MountainWest Baseball, motion analysis from Bio Kinetics and speed strength & agility training from Peak Velocity.  We understand that players will miss workouts due to tournament vacations etc.  That’s why we set the price at only $750.00.  $750.00 is the price of 12 lessons, there are 32 Peak workouts for that same price and they also include video analysis and strength and conditioning workouts.


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Note: As you know, if you’re a current scout team player, TEAM workouts are included.  However, if you would like additional INDIVIDUAL work, you may still register at a discounted rate.  You will need to text Kavin for your discount code.  801-633-5831.

About us:
Bio-Kinetics was founded in 1986 with the goal of improving athletic performance through the latest computer and video technology.  For almost four decades Bio-Kinetics has been compiling motion analysis research while working with some of the best players and coaches in Major League Baseball. BIO-KINETICS is the only motion analysis company of its kind with a Major League Baseball three dimensional motion analysis database captured during live competition. See some testimonials below.




Nolan Ryan:  Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher.

“I feel like with everything we’ve done since our association these last two years have certainly played a role in helping me stay successful and be able to continue to pitch.”



Bobby Valentine

“I was there in the beginning when Bio Kinetics performed their first three dimensional motion analysis during live competition in the 1980’s, and I’ve been a proponent of Bio Kinetics ever since.  They were the first and only resource available on three dimensional hitting and pitching motion analyses captured from live Major League competition.”

Bobby Valentine Former Major League Player and Manager





Tony Gwynn: Eight time Major League Batting Champion and Hall of Famer.

“Reviewing my swings on video has always been a big part of my hitting routine.  Reviewing my 3D analysis provided me with much more helpful information than video ever could.”


Tony Gwynn


Don Rowe:  Former Major League Pitching Coach.

“The pitching motion needs to be analyzed.  Poor mechanics are the primary cause of poor performance and most injuries.  As a coach, all you have is your eyes to try and see what your pitchers are doing biomechanically.  You need another mode to accurately identify what’s going on and three dimensional motion analysis is the Ideal mode. Bio Kinetics not only offers that, they invented it.”


Don Rowe


Bob Boone:  Former Major League Player and Manager.


“I’ve spent a lot of time in the lab looking at a lot of different people and I think Bio Kinetics has cracked the code and will be the wave of the future.  I really believe you’re going to start seeing them used in the big leagues and all over professional baseball as a tool, even more so for the coach than the player.”

Bob Boone

Tom Robson:  Former Major League Hitting Coach. 

“I first began working with Bob Keyes and Bio Kinetics in the late 1980’s while I was the hitting coach for the Texas Rangers.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the beginning but it didn’t take long to see the value of the information once the reports started to roll in on such players as Julio Franco, Ruben Sierra, Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez.  Being able to measure the baseball swing in three dimensions during live competition was invaluable for me as a hitting coach to help understand how the body really works … biomechanically.”

Tom Robson


Jerry Weinstein former Major League and ABCA Hall of Fame coach.

“I first visited Alan Blitzblau in Southern California in the early 1990’s when he was using the Ariel Digitizer Software(APAS) to quantify throwing & hitting at high speeds more exactly than any system before or since.

Alan and Gideon became one of sports first bio-mechanists. They were using Nolan Ryan & Bob Boone as models.  In 2000 I brought Bio Kinetics in to do an in service training class with all our Dodger minor league hitting coaches using the digitized data Bio Kinetics had collected on baseball’s best hitters.”

Jerry Weinstein


John Olerude:  former Major League player

“In1998, Tom Robson presented me with the results of an analysis he had Bio Kinetics perform comparing my 1993 swing to my 1998 swing during Spring Training.  I had been struggling for the previous three years trying to get my swing back. I hit 354 that year, finishing second in the National League batting race.”


John Olerude


Tom Seaver:  Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher.

“I was first introduced to computerized three dimensional motion analyses in 1999.  I sat in on a presentation given by Bio Kinetics during my return to the New York Mets. I felt like this was going to change the way people looked at pitching.”


Tom Seaver



George Horton:  Head baseball Coach Cal State Fullerton, 2004 National Champions. 


“The 1997 hitting study was the best ABCA presentation I’ve ever attended.  We continue to review this information each year with our hitters.”



George Horton



Brandon Duckworth:  former Major League player and current New York Yankees Scout 


“My first motion analysis from Bio Kinetics was performed when I was 14 years old which I still have today.  My analysis laid the foundation for both my college career at Cal State Fullerton as well as my Major League career as a player and scout.  I recommend Hitting Bio Mechanics to anyone who is interested in the most difficult skill of hitting a baseball.”

Brandon Duckworth


Pat Casey:  Head Baseball Coach, Oregon State University

 NCAA National Champions 2006, 2007 and 2018 

“The information we’ve obtained from Bio-Kinetics Research and Development over the years has become the foundation to our offensive approach here at Oregon State University. Studying the swings of the best hitters in Major League Baseball through three-dimensional motion analysis has helped us better understand how the body really works, biomechanically.

The results of our three dimensional motion analysis has assisted our hitters in making the adjustments needed for success at the collegiate level and has also given them the best chance to succeed in professional baseball. The researched information, when understood and applied correctly, will help young hitters reach their full potential offensively, and eliminate assumptions and myths that sometimes run rampant in the game of baseball.”





“My exposure to the Bio-Kinetics information was a major game changer in my scouting career as I entered a time as a west coast and a national cross-checker. During nearly 40 years in professional baseball as a player, coach, and scout, I found their research the most informative vehicle in analyzing hitting and pitching mechanics. My initial skepticism quickly changed as I realized the human eye was not capable of seeing what was actually happening in an efficient swing or pitching delivery. In seeing three dimensional computer generated video of human movement of the best hitters and pitchers in the game, I realized we could be better as evaluators and developers of athletes by understanding what is actually happening and why the best in the game were just that.

My draft room conversations about prospects using terms like bat lag, energy transfer, axis of rotation, efficient rotation of hitters, and separation, posture, late rotation, blocking, and stride length of pitchers was new, and frankly not well received. Bob’s development of this process since those early days for me in the late 90’s is incredible. This analysis is second to none anywhere.”





Mike Brown:  Major League Baseball Advanced Scout.

“The problem with Bio Kinetics is that they were 30 Years ahead of their time. If they had just been five years later people would have believed it.  I now carry the evidence of the first 3D computerized motion analysis with me just in case the subject comes up.”



Ralph Dickenson:  Former Major League Hitting 


“30+ years ago Bob Keyes began to 3D video capture and manually digitize MLB hitters/pitchers during in game competition. To this date he and Bio Kinetics stand alone in this accomplishment.  In the mid 1990’s Bob produced a video showing the many analytics and data derived from his work. The first time I saw this it opened a brand new world from opinion to fact providing direction for hitting coaches at all levels. I make a hitting comment daily based on Bob’s ongoing work.
Bob has continued to video MLB in game action while working with the top bio mechanists and doctors in the country to research what really happens. If Bob says it, believe it, it’s been researched.”


Ralph Dickenson


Dale Sveum:  Former Major League Player, Manager and Hitting Coach of the 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals. 

“I was first introduced to Bio Kinetics while managing the Chicago Cubs and then continued my involvement as the hitting coach of the Kansas City Royals.  One of best things about Bio Kinetics is, it puts to rest some of the bad mechanics being taught throughout our country, and proves the best hitters in past decades have a lot of the same mechanics but just different body types and stances and hand positions. Fantastic stuff if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of hitting, coming from in live game competition, the only true way to see true mechanics and get real data. I’ve been a part of Bio Kinetics from bullpens and batting practice and it’s not even in the same ballpark when it comes to what you see and real data.”???



Dave Seveum




2019 – Dr. Peter Chalmers

“Bob Keyes and his team at Bio Kinetics have pioneered a system for in depth biomechanical analysis of in-game baseball pitching and have used the system to collect decades of data on a huge variety of elite pitchers. Because this wealth of data is collected on in game pitches, they are uniquely positioned to offer players insights into what matters most for their pitching mechanics.”

Dr. Peter Chalmers


2019 – Trevor Bauer: Major League pitcher.      


“I get my bio mechanics analyzed twice a year by Bio Kinetics.  I started with them in 2012 and that’s what shaped my delivery change.  They have Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddux and a bunch of other pitchers through the years. I was able to compare myself to them numerically with the guys that stayed healthy.”

Trevor Bauer



Brent Strom: Major League pitching coach. 



“I was introduced to Bob Keyes in the late 90’s thru his association with Tom House. It was my first introduction to the pitching motion in three dimensions. In 2001 I was named the Kansas City Royals ML pitching coach and asked Bob to come to spring training, film our pitchers hoping enhance my information base in real time thru his work. My time with him helped mold and give me objective feedback of the pitching delivery.  It was my first time in seeing what really happens as opposed to what I thought was happening.


Bob’s work was a forbearer of what was to come and still stands alone due to a 33 year old data base that allows us to see what healthy pitcher’s do.  Bob, Thank you for helping quench my thirst to find the truth. Your research started years ago and has stood the test of time in my opinion.”



Brent Strom



Walt Weiss:  Former Major League Player and Manager


The common denominator for the greatest pitchers and hitters is the kinematic sequence of their movements. For more than 3 decades, Bio Kinetics has been able to identify and quantify the efficient mechanics that have led to the health and success of the games’ best.




Walt Weiss