Dear Spring Trainer,

Welcome to the 29th annual MountainWest Baseball’s Spring Training!  One of only a few events nationwide that attracts the attention of:  The Major League Scouting bureau, Professional Baseball Scouts, College Coaches,  Area Code Baseball and Classic Baseball. You will find enclosed a schedule of events for the entire weekend, and a map to tell you how to get there.  Make sure you study it before-hand and get to your station on time so we can keep everything running smoothly.

While in Mesquite:

The people at both the high school and the city have been great to us over the years.  It is very important that we extend them the same courtesy.  Please make sure that you do not go in the school with your spikes on, and that you throw all your trash in a trash can.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

For Your Information:

  1. Home Base is the high school this year (MBA Trailer)
  2. We are on Pacific Time / Nevada time.
  3. Find your name on the Spring Training list.  That will tell you what team you are on.
  4. Check in Saturday morning 20 minutes early at your first station.
  5. T-shirts will be available Friday at 3pm at High School. (MBA Trailer)and Sat at 6:00 am at the High School. (MBA Trailer)
  6. Players will not be allowed on the field without their Spring Training shirt on.
  7. Bring Turf shoes as well as spikes for portable pitching mounds and rubber hitting stations.
  8. All catchers will report separately to the high school at 7:30 am for their defensive station on both Saturday and Sunday. Then when you report to your normally scheduled defensive station you can work another position.

What to Bring:

The temperature in Mesquite ranges anywhere from 45 to 75 degrees this time of year.  Make sure you are prepared for all conditions including rain.  Should the weather get real bad we will provide the same instruction indoors.  If you have any questions, check the trailer located at Pioneer Park.  Make sure you have baseball pants, no shorts