Spring Training Press Release

Major format change set to take place for the 29th annual

MountainWest Baseball’s Spring Training.

Why change one of America’s largest and most successful baseball events?

For the past 28 years MountainWest Baseball has drawn up to 735 players each President’s Day weekend to Mesquite, Nevada in order to prepare them for the upcoming season.  Thousands of players who have attended this event have gone on to play college baseball and hundreds have played professionally.  In recent years, the NCAA has changed their starting date which now conflicts with our event and has made it difficult for the professional scouts and college coaches to attend.  Last year several professional area scouts approached us with the idea of changing our Spring Training event to the weekend before President’s Day.

Starting in 2019, Spring Training will be broken up into two weekends.

Session #1 will be held Feb 8th – 10th and will be exclusively run by the Four Corners Scouts.  This event will be offered to player’s 9th – 12th grade.  This is an exposure/instructional event.

Session #2 will be held Present’s Day weekend, Feb 15 – 18 and will be a combination USSSA tournament (14U) / instructional event.  High school programs can continue to prepare their high school players for the up-coming season, while youth programs can participate in a competitive tournament and also receive instruction.Individual Players that have registered for the Winter Showcase will receive a $50 discount.  You must sign up for Winter Showcase 1st to receive your discount.  Once you have purchased the Winter Showcase, you will be given the option to choose the discounted price.

Individual players who would like to attend both sessions will receive a $100.00 discount.

This means that those individuals that sign up for both Spring Training session and the Winter Showcase will


Session #1: 9th – 12th grade only – Feb 8th – 10th.  The registration fee for this event is $350.00.  The pre-registration discount is $275.00 if registered before January 15th.

Session #2:

  • Register as an individual: Feb 15th – 18th. The registration fee for this event is $350.00. The pre-registration discount is $275.00 if registered before January 15th.
  • Register as a team WITH Spring Training: Feb 15th – 18th. The team registration fee for this event is $4,200.00. The team discount registration fee if registered as a team before Jan 15th is $3,000.00.
  • Register as a team for the tournament only: Feb 15th – 18th. $700.00 per team.

Register for both sessions as an individual ($100 discount):  The registration fee for both events is $600.00 (with $100 discount).The pre-registration discounted fee for both sessions, if registered before Jan. 15th, is $450.00.

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