It’s a Fact: Only 15% of All Little Leaguers
Play High School Baseball… Less than 3% of those will play in College

What Happened to the Other 85%?

30% do not move up because of physical inability to play at a higher level.
55% do not move up because of lack of instruction during the developmental years.

Let the Baseball Academy Staff help improve these numbers
for your son!

You should know since 1984:

  • Our players have received more than Two hundred million dollars in scholarships and signing bonuses!
  • Over three-thousand of our former participants have gone on the play in college!
  • More than 400 have been drafted!
  • Forty eight USA Baseball National Team Trials and National Team Players!

Will you be next?

Your developmental years are short, and the clock is ticking on your future Can you really afford to wait?

If you have a vision of playing college or professional baseball, or on a USA Baseball National team then the Highlanders may be for you.
Tryouts and Parents orientation are held at the Academy Training facility in South Jordan in early November and early August of each year.
For more information 801-561-1700