With the fall scout season just around the corner, perhaps the most important thing in a high school baseball players career is that he is in  the best playing shape of his life for all the college and professional evaluators!  This not only applies to speed, agility and strength but even more importantly his swinging, throwing and fielding skills.

If you are a graduating senior or a current college player this could be even more important as you get ready to compete for a roster spot at the college or university you will be attending.

We designed this program to mirror a professional in-season training program.  Workouts will be held in the morning, so that the body can fully recover for afternoon games.  Workouts consist of skill work, hitting, pitching, fielding etc., and a vigorous speed, agility and strength workout.  Players will also be filmed by Bio-Kinetics for a video motion analysis at no addition charge.

We call this program: “BK Boot Camp” and it will be offered at 9:00am Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri starting you will be emailed on starting date, group and continue for 9 weeks.  The fee will be $600.  That’s less than $7.00 an hour (for members) for some of the best training available.

On average, the peak velocity program has increased ball speed by 4.5 mph, with the highest record gain at 11 mph.  Bat speed improvements have average 6.2 mph hour with the highest recorded gain 14 mph.

This improvement could mean the difference between being on every college recruiting list in the country and not being on anyone’s list.

The clock is ticking on your future! Can you really afford to wait?

Note: This program is limited to the first 18 Pitchers and Hitters

About us:
Bio-Kinetics was founded in 1986 with the goal of improving athletic performance through the latest computer and video technology.  For almost three decades Bio-Kinetics has been compiling motion analysis research while working with some of the best players and coaches in Major League Baseball. BIO-KINETICS is the only motion analysis company of its kind with a Major League Baseball three dimensional motion analysis database taken from live competition.