Dear Spring Trainer,

Welcome to the 30th annual MountainWest Baseball Spring Training Championships! During this event each team will be provided their own work out time, play four games, and attend a defense and hitting station on both Saturday and Sunday.

Links of the Schedules, Maps and Rules are at the bottom of this page!!

Coaches will coach their own team’s workouts and games, as well as attend both the defense and hitting stations to assist our professional staff.

Hitting: Former Major League Hitting coach Ralph Dickenson will introduce the big league swing to both the hitter’s and coaches as well as organize each hitting station. The coaches will then move into the hitting stations and work with their players under Ralph’s supervision.

Defense: Longtime Major League Scout Andy Campbell will be heading up the defense. Andy has put a staff of instructors together for each position. However, coaches should plan on helping at each station to insure they’re receiving the same information the players are.

You will find a schedule attached to this email with details about the weekend. There is also a map provided with all the addresses to the fields. Please make sure to study it before-hand and get to your station on time so we can keep everything running smoothly.

Please remember no lunches will be offered this year as many players have already included this option in their hotel package. The snack shack at Pioneer and Hunter will have drinks and snacks available for purchase if needed.

While in Mesquite:

The people at both the high school and the city have been great to us over the years.  It is very important that we extend them the same courtesy.  Please make sure that you do not go in the school with your spikes on, and that you throw all your trash in a trash can.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

For Your Information:

  1. Home Base will be at Old Mill Park (MBA Trailer) 100 W Old Mill Road Mesquite NV 89027.
  2. All Addresses are listed in the “Map Tab” on the excel sheet you received with the schedule.
  3. We are on Pacific Time or Nevada time.
  4. Your team name is listed on the schedule with an assigned team number. Use your team number to identify where and when you need to be at the field.
  5. Bring Turf shoes to every station. Players will not be able to wear spikes for portable pitching mounds and rubber hitting mats at the hitting stations.

What to Bring:

The temperature in Mesquite ranges anywhere from 45 to 75 degrees this time of year. Make sure you are prepared for all conditions including rain. If you have any questions, check the trailer located at Old Mill.

What to Wear During Baseball Activities:

Uniform is decided by each individual teams Coach. We will not be providing any uniform items. Each team can wear whatever they want.

We genuinely hope all of you enjoy your weekend as you prepare for the 2020 Season!

Thank you for your support and please make us aware of any issues that come up. The tournament directors for this event are listed below with phone numbers.

Keith 359-321-1985

Kavin 801-633-5831

Bob 801-633-4972

Thank You,

MBA Staff